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Job Opening! Ideal for students!

There's a really nice guy named Larry Lambert who is looking for a reader. Yeah, a reader. He lost most of his eye site when he was 15 in a football injury and now plays guitar all over the country, singing about God and whatever. He just needs someone to read, I'm assuming, his mail, letters, and emails and what not, aloud to him. He's christian.. not that the fact should make you not want the job. Also, this person would be booking shows and things for him locally and nationally. Pay is minimun wage, but he's willing to pay an addition $30/$40 a week out of his pocket. Pay for the booking part, that varies on how much he gets per show. So you could be getting a couple hundred bucks per show! He only needs someone for about 10 or so hours a week. He wants people to come in this weekend for interveiws. For more detailed information email him @

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