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the muppets we all know and love... GONE!?!

For over 30 years, Jim Henson's Muppets have been an enduring, iconic force in entertainment. Underpinning the magic since the very beginning was Jim Henson's strict policy: Each Muppet character can only be performed by his or her specific puppeteer. A bond exists between each Muppet and its performer, creating a spark of individual life which sets the Muppets apart from any other set of family characters.

Kermit the Frog was only ever performed by his creator, Jim Henson, from his very first appearance until Jim’s death in 1990. Only then was Kermit entrusted to another puppeteer, Steve Whitmire, who worked closely with Jim and who has carried Kermit’s legacy for over 15 years.

Until now.

Muppets Holding Company, which owns and controls the Muppets on behalf of The Walt Disney Company, has begun to cast multiple performers for the Muppet characters. MHC now considers the established Muppet performers, whose careers and lives are so closely linked with their characters, to be interchangeable with a roster of anonymous puppeteers.

The artists who represent a direct link between Jim Henson and the legacy he left behind are being squeezed out, as MHC creates a fleet of Muppet clones in order to save money and maximize profits.

By recasting the Muppets at will, as if they were mascot costumes to be worn by anybody, MHC is turning the characters into instant stereotypes -- reducing them from complex, three-dimensional beings to a list of mannerisms and catchphrases.

Without consistent performers, the Muppets will no longer be the Muppets. Kermit the Frog will become Kermit "a" Frog. Fifty years of Muppet history is being thrown aside so that MHC can create an assembly-line of not-quite-Muppets. The craftsmen who originated and honed the Muppet characters have been effectively demoted, becoming part of a pool of on-call impressionists, hired day-to-day based on convenience, cost and the whim of MHC.

Already, MHC's plan is seeing fake Muppets being presented to an unsuspecting public: Pale impressions of Statler and Waldorf can now be seen in webisodes at (Episodes 1-7 are originals; episodes 8 and on are MHC frauds.)

Floundering without their regular performers, Statler and Waldorf are shadows of themselves. Jim Henson's iconic Dr. Teeth and even Frank Oz's Animal are reduced to distant imitations. What next? Cloned Kermits will not be far behind.

One Muppet, One Voice is your chance to let MHC know that you don't want the Muppets to be handed out to the nearest puppeteer and passed off as the real thing.


Write to Muppets Holding Company and tell them you don't want the Muppet characters to be compromised. Tell them, in your own words, why the Muppets are special to you and why you don't want to see them watered down, farmed out or cloned. Be courteous and polite and let them know why you are concerned for your beloved Muppets. Ask for a reply so you know your concerns have been noted.

Executive Vice President/General Manager
Muppets Holding Company
1201 Grand Central Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201

Director of Creative Affairs
Muppets Holding Company
1201 Grand Central Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201

Muppets Holding Company
1201 Grand Central Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201

You can also give your feedback on the fake Statler and Waldorf appearances at this link: Make sure you include your e-mail address so the producers can let you know your voice has been heard.


One Muppet, One Voice is based on the truth that one person CAN make a difference. That person is you.

Tell all the Muppet supporters you know why One Muppet, One Voice is so important.

And make your voice heard!

Email us at:
Visit us at:

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